Potion Permit APK

Potion Permit APK

Potion Permit APK offers an enchanting experience, allowing users to explore the mystical world of potions. This free download of the latest version unlocks a trove of magical recipes and ingredients. Immerse yourself in the realm of alchemy, concocting powerful elixirs and unlocking secrets. Begin your magical journey with the Potion Permit RPG game now.

Game NamePotion Permit APK
TypeRole Playing
Latest Version1.47
Required OSAndroid 8.0 and Up
Size201 MB
Total Downloads10,000+ downloads
Offered ByPlaydigious

Introducing Potion Permit APK Game

Have you ever played a life simulation role-playing mobile game? Then, I think that most answers will be no because Everyone loves to play online battlefield royals and action-adventure puzzle-horror games like Little Nightmares APK Latest Version. But you will be enthralled after playing the newly released Potion Permit game, developed by Playdigious and available for download on Android and iOS mobile.

Immerse yourself in Moonbury town to engage with the townfolk inhabitants, where you will face more challenges. The game’s unique design and relaxed wholesale background sound will mesmerize you. So, Take a Deep dive into the Potion Permit APK Full Unlocked mobile game and explore its features to experience more.

What is a Potion Permit?

The Potion Permit is an Android and iOS mobile life simulation role-playing game located in Moonbury town. The inhabitants have always been wary of the outside world’s medical advances, preferring to rely on their traditional healing methods. You will have a chance to explore and learn the game.

Why Potion Permit APK Game Famous?

The Potion Permit APK game gained rapid popularity after its release on mobile platforms on the Google Play Store and App Store a few days ago. It is popular because of its captivating gameplay strategy, unique design, carefully crafted for mobile users, storyline, and potion-making experience. Players are drawn to its unique blend of strategy and creativity as they navigate through a magical world, concocting potions and overcoming the game’s challenges.

Its intuitive game Controls, customization options, stunning options, and regular new updates keep it popular. There are more characters with extra features that will help you find ingredients, make potions, and cure the inhabitants. Also, the more you explore the game, the more you will get because it has endless experiences.

Features Of Potion Permit APK Life Simulation Game

Potion Permit Features

Fill your bowl with your favorite foods because The Potion Permit APK Mobile Game is crawling with unsettling delights. Immerse yourself in the Potion-making experience in Moonbury town to cure the inhabitant’s illness. So, Take a deep dive into its unique blender of features:

Take Care Of Moonbury Inhabitants

As you know, The Moonbury townfolks are cut off from advanced medical equipment. That’s why they prefer to rely on their traditional healing methods. So, you have to diagnose their illness, gather the best ingredients, and brew potions in the cauldron to cure them.

Heal The Town

Upgrade your nearby Moonbury town through your innovative ideas, expand your gathering area to get more ingredients, and transform the town people live in many ways to make it better and more loveable through your unique strategy and potion-making ideas.

Find Your Love

The Potion Permit APK role-playing game allows you to find your relationship among the Moonbury town inhabitants, earn their trust, and find your love with your sweetest close heart. This is the best way to get your love.

Team up

While exploring the Moonbury town, You can find or team up with your loyal dog companion after giving them treats. After that, They will help with work and make it easier for you.

Feel The Relaxing Atmosphere

The Potion Permit APK mobile game will give you a more mesmerizing feeling in a wholesale, colorful world and so live the life you want in the game.

Face Your Fear

It has many challenges that you have to face while playing the game. To get materials, you have to face monsters, and then you can get them. This can be more joyful for you because it will boost the gaming experience.

Download Potion Permit APK Free Latest Version For Mobile

Want to live the mesmerizing life in Moonbury town with its inhabitants and unlock more features for free? Then, Use the link below button for Potion Permit APK. Download the latest version for Android and iOS mobile. After that, follow the step-by-step guide below to install it easily.

After that, You can access the newly released life simulation role-playing game where you can enjoy the potion-making experience to cure the Moonbury town Inhabitants, find your loyal dog and true love, feel the relaxing background sound, and more. So, Take a deep dive into Potion Permit.

How To Download The Potion Permit APK Latest Version?

  • Head To your browser. Type PotionPermitAPK.Org website in the search bar.
  • You will go to the official website, where you have to locate the download button.
  • After getting Tap on it, and Enable Allow from this source.
  • After that, Download will start automatically. Wait for its completion.

After downloading the Potion Permit APK mobile game, follow the Installation steps added below.

How To Install The Potion Permit APK In Mobile?

  • Go to your app section and Find the File Manager App.
  • After getting it, Tap on it, Open it, and Go to the Download Menu.
  • Locate the Potion Permit APK downloader file.
  • Tap on it. A pop-up notification will appear, and you must click on the “Install” Options to proceed.
  • After that, enable the “Allow installation from the third-party” option in the settings.
  • Now, Installation will start automatically. Wait for its completion. After that, It will be saved in the app section.

Go to your app section and find the Potion Permit life simulation role-playing game. Tap on it, and Open it. After that, Start exploring Moonbury town, coordinate with inhabitants, find Loyal dog companions and true love, gather ingredients, and cure them.

Potion Permit: Carefully Crafted For Mobile

As we know, it is a PC console game that is carefully crafted for mobile users to give them the experience at their fingertips. It has easy-to-use navigation, controls, and more customization options that will mesmerize you. Also, the developer has made many changes to the game as a welcome gif for the newbie users. So, explore it below:

  • Revamped Interface: The developer has ensured that It can be smoothly played on Android and iOS mobile devices. That’s why they have offered a revamped interface in their latest version, which offers a sleek design, easy-to-understand narrative, and storyline.
  • Cloud Save: It is the new feature added in the Potion Permit APK mobile game that will give you access to easily share your game progress with any Android device without losing anything.
  • Game Centre Achievements: As soon as you reach the next level, you will get more challenges, gather ingredients, and make a potion to cure the inhabitants. You can see all this in your Game Centre achievement center.
  • Compatible With MFi Controllers: It’s easily compatible, so you can improve your experience after switching between touchscreen and MFi controllers. This will give you a more traditional role-playing gaming experience.

Screenshot Of The Potion Permit APK


What’s New in The Potion Permit Update?

The Playdigious developer has made many changes in the Potion Permit v1.44 because They have many issues in the Google Play Store and App Store. That’s why more changes and new features have been added to the game. Check out one by one below:

  • Webview added to the open Playdigious More game.
  • Upgrade credits.
  • Successfully fixed the Chinese language at the first launch.
  • The dating intro for Lucke and Runeheart has been fixed in the new update.
  • They have fixed unresponsive or missing back buttons in the town hall board, shops, and upgrade shops.
  • The ranger shop and seed collection UI was successfully fixed.
  • Fixed mini-game arrows for the tablets.
  • Successfully fixed the missing arrows to scroll in the Cooking UI, shops, and upgrade shops.

What Users Saying About Potion Permit In The Google Play Store?

As we know, Users can share their reviews, whether positive or negative, and they can also report issues while playing the game. The Google Play Store provides this facility to improve the gaming atmosphere because the developer and their team take secret action after they encounter any issues in the reviews.

As per Google Play information, With a 4.8 Rating out of 5, The Potion Permit role-playing game has become the most loveable life simulation game in the Play Store because users love to play this and get a chance to explore Moonbury town at their fingertips. You can get more information on the Google Play Store and the official page for Potion Permit.


The Potion Permit Life, a newly released life simulation game, is situated in Moonbury town. You have to diagnose the inhabitants’ illnesses because they are wary of the advanced city medical facilities, relying on their traditional healing methods.

So, players have to gather ingredients, find respective materials, and brew them in the cauldron to make the potion. After that, they Cure the inhabitants with that. The whole experience will be more enthralling. Also, it has a plethora of features added for only mobile users.

So, Download The Potion Permit APK Latest Version for free on your Android and iOS mobile. After that, explore Moonbury town with your sweetest, close-hearted love.


How do I download the Potion Permit APK for free?

You can download the latest version of the Potion Permit APK for free from the trusted PotionPermitAPK.Org website.

Is It Safe To Download & Play?

Yes, It is 100% safe to download on Android and Play the latest version of the game.

What magical recipes are included in the latest version of Potion Permit?

The latest version of the Potion Permit APK includes many magical recipes, which you can use to make a potion to cure the town’s illness.

What is the latest version of the Potion Permit APK?

The latest version of it is 1.44.

Are there in-app purchases in Potion Permit?

No, there are not any in-app purchases in the Potion Permit APK life simulation role-playing game.

Can I play Potion Permit offline?

Yes, After downloading the Potion Permit APK, You can play it offline without an internet connection.

What is the Size of It?

The latest version size is 201 MB only.

How To Get New Update Of The Potion Permit APK?

You can get the new updates from its trusted third-party site that’s PotionPermitAPK.Org website.

Is Potion Permit available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, It is officially available for download on Android and iOS.

What is Potion Permit APK Mod?

The Potion Permit APK Mod is a modified version of the official app that was developed to help users who want to play this game for free on their Android and iOS mobile phones.

How do I contact support regarding any issues with the Potion Permit?

You can contact support for any issues with the official Potion Permit team using this link.

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